«One can actually assimilate this work like music. It is, as is music, determined by opposites and repetitions. The landscapes answer consecutively, as do the faces. It is not harmony that is being attempted, but calculated dissonance. That fascinates me as aesthetic form»

Peter von Matt

«Faces as landscapes, landscapes as faces: The interplay of the surfaces hones in on the beauty of the subtle differences»

Peter Pfrunder

«Faceland» portrays people and their corresponding landscapes from six different European countries: Finland, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland, Rumania and Sardinia. The black-and-white faces are larger than life and look directly at the camera, revealing every pore, every little hair to the onlooker. The photos in colour capture the peoples’ rural landscapes, presenting wind, grass, clumps, and rocks. These are no untouched natural landscapes, but cultivated land, exploited and formed by its inhabitants and, like the portraits, always recorded in the very same way. How do we recognize a Polish face or a Finnish landscape? The photos provide awareness for clichés and force the viewer to think about his own perception ...

book/publication by Peter Maurer
«Faceland – Gesichter und ihre Landschaften»
with texts by Peter Pfrunder and Peter von Matt
english/german, 120 pages, 42 illustrations, hardcover
Niggli publishers, Sulgen | Zürich. ISBN 978-3-7212-0691-3

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